Hello Tumblr My name is Santro i'm fucking lazy. I hate homework. I have no desire to work ( never in my lovely life) therefore I'm selling T-shirt. 100% cotton Shirts , thick and the pressure is forever.I take care of everything but Sometimes my friends help me out. It's not my full time work more a part-time work only for the moment to get pocket money

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juice california
199X Kid new shirt: SHOP
My very first T-shirt. ”Cool Kids get Rich” before age 25 I have to hurry.
Lazy Youth Club …Story of my life
Anonymous asked: You are so talented and lovely. I wan't to buy a shirt but idk if i can afford it :'( one day!

never give up never give in if you believe it you can win

Quit college and follow your dreams in California
Damn, I miss summer. (summer 2012)